The Divine


I have a feeling that we’re closer than it seems

Resonating deeper interconnected as we gleam

Loss of words all the while forgetting these machines

So much to remember I must let go of fear judgment unknown

change to new and just shown

Labels are untrue just a preview of piled nonsense because there are no molds to fit

No boxes too many differences

ஐ Cassie ஐ

When harmony clashes

By: Kiara Armstrong

Seeing what I thought
all exist
progression in self sores me down lines
I am of

I do think you should consist
the truth and love you hold
think of your being as a tree trunk
strong and centered
energy always giving
love is always provided

May one chance you think of
come alive to help you give, once built of wisdom, once the grasp of abundance lives
knowing what to give out, feeling what you must keep in
all arise to the great sun
energize the world with love

Peace and Love

Once I became who I am, once I lived with my heart guiding me, once I saw I was given this chance, once I saw all for wisdom, once I got unattached, once I allowed the inner to open for help

By: Kiara Armstrong

Could the alignment be signs to me
I fringe, as I am the fluorescent orange light
that does not only see in my eyes but is my being, heard from above, arising through mind subconscious

As I see the spirit of me, as the angels voices come, as I move and the nature sways to one harmony
knowing who I am
I focus and I detach myself with all around for mind control
for I am all of who to be here

I choose
to help my self in the blue
as they do
can’t not strongly enough do
unless you choose
to awaken oneself
to the illusion in good, boundless in love, intentions

Peace and Love

My feet appreciate your feet

By: Kiara Armstrong

I can release our energy into your line
that you live with

From where I stand
can be in you or how beyond, that beyond, colorless beyond, light beyond, spiraling beyond
your mind can be

I can go in a sad, without knowing why
Before I go on, I must say
when I rise there is no telling me
I am not in love with anything

I can only go on when I know
ones mind can be a clear answer
when everything of a maybe, nothing, action occurs
Peace and Love

Self healing

By: Kiara Armstrong

Suns rays warm, through out, our cells
within and of our star dust being

Collecting ourselves into a room of brown shades
colored of skin, every color imaginative

Swifts gone my energy that vibrates no strength and the common blur
into a being who absorbed my energy
As she evolves into an elephant

How, naturally, sudden this change occurred
seeming my awakens to be much more stronger then before

Peace and Love

Walks outside, walks inside my mind, spirit is inside me

By: Kiara Armstrong

Snow tunnels the land to smooth
Everything I am correlates to our energy

Pine trees desire my kiss
I desire the kisses I have

Waving farewell to say hello
To all the seen, gone by movements

Beaming in me
An opening
Realm to my core

Transparent now, past realms, I leave
Releasing the now in the past
Having the past not be all of me

Flowing my peace and love

As, not, usual

By: Kiara Armstrong

Our growing tree
grown with the inner spirit
spirals into my unclear feelings
held in
to become whole
radiating my attention to the quells of its growing branches
Becoming the emotions of the trees feelings
guide me to soar away the doings of cutting down nature, of we
for the poles that send energy
none that could ever be as extreme as the one we are

Peace and Love

I want to change the world for the better

By: Kiara Armstrong

In the rain you loved me some
weary thoughts of you deem so lovingly
for now I do still feel
I must keep climbing in the way
that is far from near to you

How we came on this great Earth
shortly and now were seeming to try
to clear our conscience and the blue wide sky
as I will change the world to feel
love is the wind to our brightness dark
keeping the mellowness a spark

I will live with love for me
greatly being the light I am
high and low
I live with grace in love
soaring with a chance to find
the passion we once had

I must change
the way you stay in my brain
you are my friend
in this realm
again and again

Peace and Love

It’s me, Your love light

By: Kiara Armstrong

I know where I’ve been
deep beyond the understanding of my darling shadow
my shadow that has truly been me
as I tear by the thought my shadow had been waiting
to be able to conjoin with yours

My lip shakes
feeling the darling warm loving tears
that have held in for so long
to be able to hold the curtain of my play

love and peace